Reasons Why I’m a Vegan

If you’re a vegan or know one, then you know that people are always asking ‘So what made you become a vegan?’ There are a number of reasons why people turn to veganism, but my main push came from reading Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet.  Kris Carr is still one of my main veg-spirations today, almost 2 years since I read her book and made the initial transition.  And while I’ve gone back and forth between eating some dairy and eggs (mainly in desserts, dumb sweet tooth) and being a strict vegan, I feel like during these last two years I’ve developed a more meaningful relationship with my food.
That sounds kind of silly, having a ‘relationship’ with what you’re eating, but I think that understanding what you’re eating is just as important as understanding the people you form relationships with.  Toxic, negative people can weigh you down immensely and impact your life in so many areas; once you distance yourself from them, you likely notice that you’re starting to feel better. The best relationships are the ones that we spend the most time on, the ones that we fully understand, respect, and put in time and effort to sustain.  I think that food works the same way – once you take the time to get to know what you’re really putting inside your body, then you can make educated decisions about what the healthiest choices really are.

1. Look at how colorful that protein is! I like to eat my colors as well as admire them.


2. I love chickens for their poetry, and not their thighs.

chicken poetry

3. Because vegan junk food is a thing, and you don’t need to feel as guilty, because it’s mildly healthier for you.

junk food

4. Vegan food makes me feel good, because it’s good for me! (not to mention tastes delicious)


5. So many corny vegetable puns! Ha. Get it?

vegan jokes

6. If you miss it, chances are you can veganize it.


7. These statistics may or may not be accurate, but it makes sense to me that veganism helps reduce gas emissions in some way, shape or form, even if the amount is negligible (which I don’t think it is..)


8. I’ll only do one serious one.  And it’s okay because Gandhi said it, and Gandhi has more street cred than I do.  But I’d be lying if I said that the animals had nothing to do with it.


9.  Vegan cake is beautiful.  Once you eat vegan cake, you will wonder how you could have ever loved non-vegan cake.  It’s that good.


10.  Because I could just look at vegan food porn all day.  And regularly do.

spring rolls

While I’m 100% certain in my reasons for being a vegan (the reasons that are hidden behind these goofier ones), I don’t like to preach to others about why they should be a vegan, or try to scare them by telling them bad things about the food they eat.  Everyone is entitled to their own lifestyle, and one of the beautiful things about eating is that we get to choose what we eat.  Many of us are very fortunate that we even have that privilege at all, and it’s one that we often forget. That’s why I like being able to explain why I eat the things I do – I am confident in my lifestyle choice, and because I am blessed enough to have a vegan diet as a lifestyle option, I refuse to take that for granted.  Plus, the vegan cake…it’s just too good.