Beauty Without Cruelty

Being vegan is not necessarily just a characterization of what you put into your body, but also on it.  There are a variety of harmful chemicals that we apply to our skin in our makeups, lotions, soaps and other beauty products, and many of them are derived from animal sources.  Also, before many of these products are approved for testing, they are tested on animals, who are subjected to the physical effects of these toxic substances before humans are.  I  could spend quite a long time talking about the various examples of animal cruelty in both the food and health industries, but instead I am going to talk about a company, Beauty without Cruelty that markets its products as 100% cruelty free, meaning that none of them have been tested on animals. PETA-Cruelty-Free-LogoIf you check out their site, you will see that they have a wide variety of entirely vegan and cruelty free color cosmetics, hair, skin, and body care products. Not only are they good for the animals who they are sparing being tested on, but these products are also free from synthetic and engineered fragrances, parabens, and several other chemicals that are harmful to our skin. Because I wanted to show how being vegan isn’t just about what you’re eating, I decided to give this brand a try – they were even nice enough to send me one of their lip glosses free to review for you!

540v00Because lip gloss and chapstick is so easily absorbed into your lips, and often taken into your mouth when you talk and eat, I am more picky about what kinds I use.  I’m also big on natural looking make up, so I decided I’d try their neutral Apricot Shimmer shade.  I think that it’s not as dark as it appears in the picture, and a bit more shimmery, but I didn’t have a problem with that.  It matched my natural lip color quite well, giving it an added shimmer.  The consistency is not super glossy, which I also like because it stayed on longer than something wetter might have.  Also, I’m not a fan of super-shiny lips.  I brought it along with me on a week long camping trip (that’s where I’ve been all this time X: ) and found that it didn’t make me look over done for the setting.  The tone matched well with my Physician’s Formula nude palette, so if you use similar colors in your eye make up, then this lip gloss matches perfectly.  While this one is great for every day use, they also have it in six other shades – perfect for any occasion.


 If you’re interested in using your buying power to support cruelty-free products that are also healthy for your skin and body, give Beauty Without Cruelty a try.  Their items are a little bit more expensive, but for the quality product you are getting, they’re definitely worth it.

I’m Gonna Pop Some Raw Food Tags – Only need $49 in my pocket

Macklemore-Thrift-Shop-e1349215609811Hey Macklemore, wanna go raw foods shopping?
What what? What? What?
(Ditch the fur fox skin though, plz and I’ll pretend that’s beet juice you are drinking).

For a while, I had a problem shopping at Forever 21 online without justifying the ‘Free Shipping on orders over $50’ thing to myself; why not get some more clothes with that $7 shipping, even if it means spending more money overall?  Okay, so it doesn’t make perfect sense, especially in terms of trying to save money.  But now that I’m going high raw, I’ve discovered Vitacost and it’s magic ‘Free Shipping on orders over $49’ rule, and my cart quickly has gone from raw nori wrappers and more kelp noodles to…a raw food party. I’ve traded in and out a variety of items, from black sesame seeds to shredded coconut and garbanzo beans.  I’m still not completely decided on what I want to get, but as my pantry starts to drain after almost 3 weeks, I’m starting to realize it’s better to buy larger quantities, even if it means more money, because things will last longer.  Also, some of the things I bought at my local health foods store cost dollars more for less weight of product than on Vitacost!  My biggest surprise was hemp seeds, which I paid $9.99 for an 8 oz bag of Nuvitas Naturals.  Vitacost brand certified raw organic hemp seeds cost $8.88 for a full pound!  No hesitation there. Same thing with Chia seeds – $9.99 for 8 oz.  Bob’s Red Mill Chia Seeds are $9.99 for a full pound as well.
The first bag of kelp noodles I bought were from Amazon, and I paid $6.99 for a 16 oz bag.  At Vitacost, I can get a 3 pack of Sea Tangle’s 12 oz kelp noodles for $12.27 – 36 oz of noodles for $12.27 versus 32 oz for $13.98 (if I bought two bags of the first kind I tried) – more noodles for your dollar!
Because I’ve been a little too enthusiastic about raw desserts in my first two weeks (none this week – trying to recover from a graduation party this weekend that was a a vegarawatarian failure…), I’m running pretty low on agave.  I originally bought this 11.75 oz bottle from my health foods store for $4.29.  I will be getting 2 bottles of that size for $7.18.  It is worth noting that the company does make bigger bottle sizes; however, the next biggest size is 23.5 oz, the same size as two smaller bottles, and at my health foods store the larger bottle costs almost $8.  Not a huge savings, but anything counts!
I’ve still got about $10 to go until free shipping, and I’m not sure what to use it for.  This is one of the times where my brain tells me I’m better off just paying the $4.99 shipping and saving $5 since there is nothing else I really want.  Whenever I pay for shipping I feel like I’m paying for air, which is wrong of me because I know that it costs a lot of money for those things to travel to me, a lot of gas, a lot of emissions put into the atmosphere, so really I am paying to put more bad things into the air.  But if I buy an extra product, I’m still stimulating the economy in some confusing, complex way, aren’t I?

For now, I’m going to go and figure out how to spend my last $10 (and get Thrift Shop out of my head).  Keep checking back – within the next month I will be reviewing some vegan beauty products and other eco-friendly goodies!